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YTO TS100L-3 bulldozer for wet earth use. bulldozer with 1.9CM bucket.
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TS100L-3 main features:
1.Engine: choose the engine produced with British ricardo joint-venture technology,which conforms to national 2 emission standard,and features low noise,large torque,energy efficient and environmental friendliness.
2.Main clutch: choose dry,multi-disk and constant combining clutch which features big torque reserve and high reliability.
3.Gear box: choose 4F+2R mechanical gear-shifting gear box,simply operating,conveniently maintaining,reliably using.
4.Steering clutch:choose dry and multi-disk turning clutch,manually operating with hydraulically-assisted,easily maintaining,lightly and conveniently operating.
5.Transmission: choose two stage,straight teeth,big modulus gear transmission,stronger carrying capacity,and higher reliability.
6.Cab:adopt the luxury cab,overhead air-conditioning system,comfortable operating space.
7.Environmental conditions: this machine is suitable for high depression wetlands,muddy and soft operating conditions,such as hydropower projects,farmland transformation,riverside and ponds.
Model Unit TS100L-3
Total weight kg 10850
Max towing force kN 95
Engine model / LR6A3-23
Engine rated power /speed kw/ r/min 81/2300
Fuel consumption of the engine g/km.h ≤242
Engine max torque N.m 400
Forward 1-4 gear km/h 2.6~10.4
Reverse 1-2 gear km/h 3.7~6.7
Caterpillar track board width mm 900
Land pressure kPa 24.5
Overall dimension(L×W×H) mm 4400×3200×3100
Bulldozer shovel(W×H) mm 3200×987
Blade max lifting height mm 1000
Blade max digging depth mm 365
Towing equipment/Ripper(optional) / Swing type
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