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N95 Fully automatic folding mask production line
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Technology parameters:
1. Equipment size(LxWxH): 9500×1500×1900mm;
2. Appearance color: international standard warm grey 1C (if no special instructions according to this standard);
3. Equipment weight: ≤6000kg, ground load ≤500KG/m2;
4. Working power: 220VAC±5 ‰, 50HZ, rated power of about 15KW;
5. Compressed air: 0.5-0.7Mpa, with usage flow of about 300L/min;
6. Perating environment: temperature 10 ~ 35℃, humidity 5-35%HR, no combustible, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness not less than 100,000).
Equipment overview:
This machine for automatic production line for folding mask (models such as N95 mask), equipment whole volumes expected, multi-layer non-woven fabric after composite seam welding, rolling cutting nose line after welding, two ear after rolling and fixed length cutting with automatic welding, then folded shape of ontology, after ultrasonic welding fusion, finally masks roll-cut moulding.
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